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Mar. 29th, 2007 @ 02:10 pm Housing
After owning a home in Everquest 2; I found myself thinking that I didn't want to play another MMO that didn't offer housing. I loved being able to own more then a robe and staff. I loved having another way of showing off accomplishments. I liked getting rewards other then gloves and boots; like chess tables and house pets. And while the gear you own is just about random. You can set up your house exactly the way you want it and know the way you decorated it is unique.

I went to buy a house in Vanguard the other day but found myself rather disappointed. I found out that if you let the rent run out, that you lose the house. I have no idea if that means you also lose the contents or not. Now I've taken breaks from games before and would hate to lose my stuff over such a retarded money sink. Even if the contents of the house is mailed to you; you would probably still lose them if you were away from the game.

Obviously this system is designed to allow future players to acquire land. But I think it is a terrible design.

I also think that the current prices need to be tweaked. My friend bought a 50gp plot with 5gp/week upkeep and as far as I know he hasn't returned to the house since he bought it. Thankfully, in the last patch they added a new call spell to return to homes. He shares the plot of land on a small island that has two other plots on it. From one direction the island has a nice view of ocean, and the other side has a view of a swamp...

And while the call spells are nice for the owners, no one is going to want to run 3 hours to go to their friend's house for 15 minutes.

Frankly for the cost, I think the more expensive homes should be available within cities as pre-built structures.

I read that the guild plots are 50pp. For 50pp I hope they get their own island with NPCs, but I doubt it.

Even with the new call spells, the new housing chunks lack use. Brokers, bankers, and crafting would be nice. Why would anyone want to live so far from that? And what merchants and brokers wouldn't want to cash in on these communities?

I hope they continue to work on housing, I look forward to owning one in the future. But right now it's not really anything but a money sink.

Anywho, here is a nice video showing some of the different houses.
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